Women in FemTech

The May 7 event highlighted obstacles that FemTech currently faces. Among them: Although FemTech relies on female consumers to purchase products, males still dominate the industry. Women at the event were encouraged to participate in the FemTech industry, not only because they can, but also because doing so can empower them to better understand their own needs and promote more women in tech. 


Women & Youth Leadership


In January, we hosted an event focused on women and youth leadership in the digital ecosystem. The two featured speakers, Rokhaya Solange and Aude Anquetil, discussed how the education system and female role models can affect the trajectory of women in STEM fields. Additionally, they compared and contrasted the factors that influence these topics in the US and Senegal.


Women & Wellness


In December, Women in Tech hosted an event that discussed the importance of health and wellness in the tech industry. Guests included a handful of top women executives from Silicon Valley, as well as featured speaker Kari Sulenes, the executive director of Project Atlas.



Women working in tech especially have a lot of pressure on them, as this is a male dominant sector. It’s not emphasized enough that wellness is key to accomplish a successful professional life.
— Kari Sulenes
If you don’t have those role models, of people or women who have gone to college, or gone into tech jobs, you won’t be as inspired to do that
— Aude Anquetil