#2: Odile Roujol

Before becoming a stakeholder in the technology and telecommunications field, Odile Roujol spent a large part of her career with major beauty and luxury brands as an executive with L’Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bourjois (the part of the Chanel group). While with L'Oréal, Odile was managing director of the Lancôme brand (the No. 1 worldwide cosmetic brand in luxury retail).

Today, Odile oversees BeautyTech, a community with 1,500 members worldwide. She also created FaB co-creation studio (which stands for “Fashion and BeautyTech” and is not related to Orange Fab), focused on founding and funding beauty and fashion startups in San Francisco.

 She has also been an active participant at Orange Silicon Valley’s Women in Tech events, contributing an experienced and forward-looking voice to the community. She told us more about her background and what she’s doing right now in a recent interview.

Odile Roujol - Founder of BeautyTechSF

Odile Roujol - Founder of BeautyTechSF

#1: Mireille Helou

In 2019, Orange Silicon Valley welcomed Mireille Helou to San Francisco as its new CEO. As a veteran leader within Orange, she arrived at OSV after serving as CEO of Orange Réunion Mayotte and Chief Business Market Officer of Orange Telkom Kenya.

During her first months Mireille has already hosted discussions on social good and corporate goals and proudly championed OSV’s Women in Tech event series, which will return to our event space on May 7.

In a brief interview, Mireille explained how she navigated her career in tech up this point and how she views her leadership role going forward.

Mireille Helou - CEO of  Orange Silicon Valley

Mireille Helou - CEO of Orange Silicon Valley